Renault Megane Trophy

As far as car names go, not many come more star-studded than Trophy. Little surprise, this originates from a company that also refers to its most rigid chassis design as “Cup”. But the name has proved itself worthy, for this car once hoisted that Nurburgring trophy, a victory for the fastest front-wheel drive production car of its ilk.

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Volvo XC90

Volvo’s Subzero XC90 has thawed the completion with such an icy-suave exterior, you’d expect to find a welrod pistol in the glove compartment.

Building REALLY SAFE CARS is what cemented Volvo’s reputation, and mitigated those robust, 90-deg jagged edges. But unless you’ve had an airbag stop your face from rebounding off of the dashboard, safety ranks in pretty low. You’re going to care more about the number of USB ports than the airbag count.

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The Zapata Racing Flyboard

The Zapata Racing Flyboard repurposes the workings of a personal watercraft such as a Sea-Doo or a Jet Ski to create the wildest experience you can have on the water. By using its on-board jet pump to power water through a hose connected to a separate wakeboard-size platform, the Flyboard shoots highly pressurized water through two nozzles on the bottom of the board to fly as high as 10 meters or even dive below the surface.

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2015 Arctic Cat Wildcat Sport Limited EPS

Output: 45+ kW

With a modest 700 cubic-centimeter inline-twin riding behind the seats, the Wildcat isn’t one of those rides you see on YouTube ripping wheelies across giant sand dunes. It’s more like the Subaru BRZ of side by-sides, a machine that prioritizes balance over out right power.

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Ford Shelby V8 for Shelby GT350 Mustang

Legend in the Making

You are looking at the most power-dense, most powerful naturally aspirated road going engine in Ford history. It’s also the Blue Oval’s highest-revving production V8 ever.

All to do with economy, of course.

Well, not quite. The word is efficiency.

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AMG Speedshift MCT

Automatic Fire Transmission That Brings Otherworldly Performance To the Common Man.

The last thing you want to do when driving a performance car near its dynamic limits is take your hands off the steering wheel. As much as an expert command over the left pedal and stick shifter can stroke the ego, automatic transmission is a much more sensible way to handle torque in excess of 400 N.m. Mercedes-Benz knows this and has been offering variations of the planetary transmission on all of its Mercedes-AMG cars since the 1993 C36.

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