2015 Arctic Cat Wildcat Sport Limited EPS

Output: 45+ kW

With a modest 700 cubic-centimeter inline-twin riding behind the seats, the Wildcat isn’t one of those rides you see on YouTube ripping wheelies across giant sand dunes. It’s more like the Subaru BRZ of side by-sides, a machine that prioritizes balance over out right power.

The Wildcat weighs only about 450 kilograms, and it has more than a 30 cm of suspension travel front and rear – which means it flits lithely across terrain that ought to make you feel like a carton of eggs that was dropped on the supermarket floor.

The Arctic Cat should have no problem keeping up out on the trails, where its electric locking front differential gives you true four-wheel drive. And although the Wildcat is definitely biased towards fun, it retains some farm duty pragmatism with a 50 mm receiver hitch and 680-kilogram towing capacity.

Tip: This thing’s so light that, if you’re going to jump it, you might want to throw a couple of sandbags on the passenger-side floor to level your flight trajectory. Or find a suitable crazy friend to ride shotgun.

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