Ford Focus ST3

The cupholders in the Focus ST can safely holster extra-value, bonus-sized canisters of caffeine in luminous colours. The handbrake is Ken-Block approved, tensioned to mitigate against a wide turning circle, and the flared body panels provide enough surface to mount 360-deg GoPro angles.

So, Velcro your high-tops, and head for abandoned shipping yards in another YouTube clip of slo-mo extreme angles, while pursued by the city’s entire law enforcement. While we wait for the ultimate Focus RS, or even the palpable Mustang, Ford has rearranged some of the ST’s suspension to keep its mainstream performance model on the cutting edge.

In layman’s terms, it’s stiffer, steers sweeter, and is less likely to topple those orange cones in a slalom race. No power hike has occurred under the hood, but optional 19-inch wheels engrave their mark in blistering, acrid smoke trails, while control is unfiltered by the 6-speed, manual gearbox. This is back to basics!

If none of this tempts little horns to protrude from your forehead, then the simplified cockpit on the ST3 nearly offers GTI innovation, and again, the Focus ST is something of a little bargain, coming with everything you want stuffed under one slim price.

Ford Focus ST3 Engine: 2.0-litre 4-cyl turbo
Power and Torque: 184kW/360Nm
0-100km/h: 6.5 seconds
Buy It For: Wild torque steer

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