Renault Megane Trophy

As far as car names go, not many come more star-studded than Trophy. Little surprise, this originates from a company that also refers to its most rigid chassis design as “Cup”. But the name has proved itself worthy, for this car once hoisted that Nurburgring trophy, a victory for the fastest front-wheel drive production car of its ilk.

Cementing its name further is an entire race series called the Megane Trophy, and although the road car has been dialled back a few notches, it remains fierce in the right hands. Not overflowing with champagne, the interior has a more competitive RS Monitor.

Drivers can record G-force, lap times, or log their best 0-100km/h times as quick evidence to quash a rival brand. The first model to deliver over 200kW, Trophy thrashes violently off of the line like few all-wheeldrive cars can, with that Akrapovic exhaust booming and crackling until all car alarms are flat.

Brembo brakes, deep-bucket seats, and Alcantara remind you this is no 5-door family hatch, even if you do get useful gizmos like navigation. Buy one and Renault will show you how the Trophy got its name, by adding a track day and driver training as part of an inclusive deal.

Renault Megane Trophy Engine: 2.0-litre 4-cyl turbo
Power and Torque: 201kW/360Nm
0-100km/h: 6.0 seconds
Buy It For: Akrapovic-inspired thunder

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